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How do you fit a tabletop with a diameter of up to 2.4 metres through a normal doorway? Dirk Wynants designed the table like a puzzle, with eight, ten or twelve identical puzzle pieces combining to make a circular tabletop. An equal number of arched pieces combine to create the central, supporting table leg. Not only Arthur’s size, but also its design are perfect examples of the ‘form follows function’ principle.


By making optimum use of High Pressure Laminate, you obtain the typical shape of the legs and the tabletop. That is useful if you want to make sure that one person can carry the table anywhere they want (including up the stairs in a block of flats). Arthur comes in portable 25 kg packs. The tabletop is slightly inclined down toward the centre so that water can flow away under the rotating tray.



Arthur For 12

Ø 2400mm x H 740mm

Arthur For 10

Ø 2000mm x H 740mm

Arthur For 8

Ø 1600mm x H 740mm



Tabletop & legs – High pressure laminate

Structural Parts – Anodised aluminium and stainless steel



Available in white, earth, black, blue and red.

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